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Who's Thrilled the World?

We reached out to the man that inspired us all and as always Michael Jackson never failed to give true L.O.V.E. to his fans.  Michael secretly flew over the LA Thrill in 2008 to watch from a helicopter.   In our hearts we believe Michael still watches the world dance for him every year, but now from a much higher place - with an much, much better view.

The Thrill the World 2008 International Video was created specifically for Michael after he requested to see footage from all events and subsequently, reached out to offer support to the Thrill the World project.

Funky Zombie Luminaries

Special guests who have Thrilled the World include:

Ola Ray
- Thrill the World Gatlinburg hosted by Ripleys Aquarium
Ola stars as the leading lady in the iconic Thriller video and joined us to help lead Thrill the World in 2009.  Thrill the World London got a shout out from Ola on our Facebook page!
Thrill the World

Adam G. Sevani - Thrill the World Los Angeles
Adam plays Moose in Step Up 2 the Streets and Step Up 3D.  After appearing in a tribute video for Thriller 25 Adam lead the Thrill the World Los Angeles in 2008 - the same event Michael secretly flew over in his helicopter to watch.

R.A. Mihailoff - Thrill the World Fort Worth
You'll never forget him as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  R.A.
came to
be the official witness for this wild Thrill hosted by Hangman's House of Horrors. 
This Thrill also featured;
Bobbie Weiner - Make Up Artist for the epic movie Titanic.

Mayor Will Wynn: Thrill the World Austin
...And no mere Mayor can resist!   This just has to be one of our Funkiest Zombies ever! Mayor Will's 'Wynning' performance of Thriller motivated a staggering 881 Texan zombies to rise up and vote with their feet to do the greatest dance on earth!



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